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Why the guns and guys?  What’s the agenda here?  Good question.   Guess I’ve got to admit I was talked into it.   I’m a 85 year old guy; been around a lot of years, involved in many careers; had a lot of laughs, seen a lot of weird and wonderful things and experienced a lot of terror-type moments.   We thought you might be interested.

I don’t know a  lot about blogging, so I welcome help when you think I need some direction (or approval – ego you know).  Just tap in and I’ll take note.  I’ll even try to get back to you. 

Oh yes, I’m a surviving war veteran; fought those nasty Nazis in WW2 and with millions of others helped preserve our freedoms  – to the extent they still exist.   So you see, I am political too as well as  extremely controversial.

The photo above is one I took of some of my mates in Germany in 1945, just after we had fired a big barrage.  The crew on the gun is still firing at targets of opportunity but are relaxing for a few moments awaiting orders.  The handsome man on the left is Slim Perry and on the right is smiling Bob Currie.  The three men on the gun crew are Gunners Cox (on the trigger), Wilcox (holding a ramrod – not visible) and Anderson (holding the next shell to be loaded).

I doubt if I will ever remove my clothes or blow my nose on the blog but I will try to let you see some interesting photos and film clips as I become smart enbough to manipulate this website.   I’ll be linked to the Canada Free Press website and others as time goes on.  The link to CFP button is here on this page (bottom right) and will take you there.   Tap on it and you’ll learn a lot more about me and my thoughts on Canada and the World today.  The rest even CFP don’t know or even suspect.   Enjoy!

Note: Who is Blanco?  Blanco is me, your story teller, journalist, writer, editor or whatever designation best suits my blogging efforts.  Why Blanco when my real name is Dick Field?    

I chose the pen name Blanco from the name of the water based paste that all British Commonwealth and Canadian soldiers used to keep their web straps, belt and back packs clean.  This chore was usually done along with brass polishing, boot shining, rifle and weapons cleaning.  It was a natural time  for soldiers to chit-chat, tell stories and keep up with the news of the day.  Story telling, chit chat  etc. is the exact purpose of any blog and that is how my pen name Blanco came about.        


Comment from Didi Miesen
Time March 20, 2010 at 3:12 p03

Hi Blanco,
I was just turned on to your page by a Conservative friend (I’m a Liberal) and must say, as much as I disagree with your political choice – I love the way you express your thoughts. I hope you take a moment to take a look at my blogs about what’s happening at the CBC here in – la belle province- and I’d very much appreciate – your feedback.
Till next time

Comment from Richard Low
Time January 16, 2011 at 3:12 p01

Having read your article”New Canadian Mandarin Class”,I commend you on your writing skills!I am a strong supporter of your views.I was born and raised and schooled in Quebec.I was very fortunate to have been transferred to Ontario in 1968!
I never thought I would ever feel this way,but I’ve reached a point where I think divorce is sometimes a good thing–thus setting the wheels in motion to say “Goodbye” to Quebec becomes a very viable alternative…Respectfully submitted,Richard Low

Comment from dick
Time July 11, 2013 at 3:12 p07

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Comment from Keith B.
Time April 22, 2014 at 3:12 p04

Hello Dick (Blanco),
I believe I wrote to you some time ago. Not 100% sure as I correspond with many folks with regard to the Frenchification of Canada and I sometimes forget who i corresponded with but, in any case I decided to write again.

I stumbled on your blog for a second time as I somehow managed to set it aside the first time but, now that I found it again, I will endeavor to catch up on your posts.

I guess you could say I share the same sentiment as DidiM (message above) Quote: “(I’m a Liberal) and must say, as much as I disagree with your political choice – I love the way you express your thoughts.

For anyone who is interested click on her name and check out her blog as it is quite interesting as well.

I would add for myself however, despite leaning more to the Liberal camp I still cannot (at this time) bring myself to want the current incarnation of — lib(French accent on the e)rals — to lead this country and continue their long held track record of “GIVING AWAY” power and money to those people (the French) who “pretend to be” but are not really interested in coexistence (what they call bilingualism) with English Canada. “Bilingualism” to them, is just a transition stage which they themselves have shown and proven (in parts of Canada outside the province of Quebec) to simply be a way for them to get their foot in the door.

I believe English Canada needs a NEW choice. A new liberal minded party that DOES NOT cater to the MINORITY French fact except to respect that they are here and provide them service (limited to where numbers warrant) within federal institutions.

I wanted to encourage you to keep up your great writing on your blog PLUS, to ask you and your readers to take a moment to check out (and share) my YouTube page videos. WHY? No, not for traffic credit. That, I could care less about as a main reason. The main reason is to educate the English people in this country as to what is happening. Help them understand that these things you say,

“traitorous P.E. Trudeau and his cronies led them into in his desire to divide and conquer English-speaking Canada”

are for real and the English speaking people must wake up to this reality before it’s too late and somehow put a stop to this.

Keith B.

PS: If you go to my URL link, then click on the word videos which appears right beside my name Keith B. you will get a full list of all the available videos.

Anyone is welcome and comment are also welcome.

In solidarity …

Comment from Keith B.
Time April 22, 2014 at 3:12 p04

Going to try posting one video link to see if it works…

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