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This is all about me, Dick Field, (Richard D. Field) the owner, editor and writer of Blanco’s Blog.  Try to write about yourself sometime and you will get the feeling I have of being kinda reluctant but it has to be done so you will know who I am and perhaps why I write as I do.

Vitals: I was born in Toronto, Canada in 1924 and raised in Birchcliff, Scarborough then known as Tronto 13.   I went to Birchcliff P.S. and then to Scarborough Collegiate, now known as R.H. King Academy.  I was there from 1939 until 1943 when I joined the active army and signed up for service anywhere in the world and for the duration of the War. 

From 1940 to 1943, I tried to study, played football, chased the girls, joined the Sea Cadets and then the Reserve Army (The Royal Canadian Artillery), did a little skiing, played some hockey.  Pretty busy time, but as the war progressed most of the senior boys left to join the forces (all volunteers) and our football teams gradually collapsed to no football by 1943 because there weren’t enough players.  The war became too overwhelming to ignore.  Until 1942 we had few victories and were in fact losing.  It is often forgotten how desparate the situation became, especially after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour on December 7th, 1941. 

When I came back from the war in November 1945, I was 21 years old.  I went back to a rehab school in Brockville, Ontario to get my Grade 13 (Senior Matriculation) and next fall 1946 went to the University of Toronto for my BA (mostly in economics) and took the then new Industrial Relations course at Queen’s University in Kingston to complete my formal education. 

When I went to Queen’s in 1948  it was with my wife and 8-month old baby girl because I had married my high school girlfriend and fiancee Gene Graham in November 1946.  Gene died in May 2007 after 60 plus years of a very happy marriage.  We had three children and now four grandchildren.

Careers: My working life spanned sales in the safety equipment business; office management in the life insurance business; industrial relations in the steel making business;  sales and sales management in the automobile business; 30 years in the life insurance business in marketing and finally 16 years in our own travel business (my wife and I), finally retiring when we sold the business in 1997.

During this span of years we lived in Toronto, Kingston, Hamilton, Winnipeg,  London, Ontario, Hamilton again and finally back to Toronto.

While in the travel and insurance business I travelled to many countries all over the world and led tour groups to many of them.  I must admit I don’t care much for flying anymore but I do miss the experience of visiting the more exotic countries, especially the far east and Africa. 

Politics: In 1993 I formed the Voice of Canadians Committees to fight the Bob Rae government’s Employment Equity Act of Ontario.   The whole idea of “White Men Need Not Apply” offended me.   The VOCC was designed to establish Committees all across Canada to discuss the issues of the day and take action when required. 

It was obvious that our political parties Provincial and Federal were not to be trusted and were leading Canada to places we did not want to go such as:  Official Multiculturalism (separate racial and national identities as opposed to natural integration).  Official Bilingualism (forced bilingual ability if you want to participate in any government jobs or the military above the rank of major as opposed to learning another language by personal choice with no restrictive implications as to our fundamental right as Canadians to fully participate in the running of our own government or fighting for it.).  Plus so many other insults to Canadians that are too numerous to mention here.

I also formed the Montgomery Tavern Society to try to get the leaders of many other activist groups (none funded by the government) together regularly to try to coordinate our activites when possible and otherwise debate the issues and attempt to agree on strategy. 

Political Accomplishments:  We, the VOCC together with several other groups got rid of the Employment Equity Act of Ontario by helping Mike Harris defeat the NDP and Rae’s government.  

We also lobbied the government and ran a national campaign that resulted in the “Long Form” Census form including the classification “Canadian” along with all the other racial and digusting skin colour designations.  I am pleased to see we now have some 15 million Canadians checking off “Canadian.”  Our promotion was called “Census by Race – What a Disgrace,” perhaps some of you may recall the promotion.

In 2001 I found it necessary to close the VOCC for personal and financial reasons.  The Montgomery Tavern Society still exists but rarely meets because the internet now enables most of the communication we need to accomplish.  

I continue to write articles on the political situation in Canada and the world.  You can access many of my articles from 2006 to the present on Canada Free Press.  Just Google Canada Free Press and on the top right of their home page is a Google seach facility.  Enter “Dick Field articles” and they will come up.  All my Blanco’s Blog political articles are linked to CFP. 

I do encourage you to read some of the many Canada Free Press articles by other authors because I am sure there is a wealth if information there that you will never see elsewhere.   Many of these authors are unique in their professions and are able to penetrate the curtain of misinformation that is often missed by the mass media.  

Judi McLeod is the editor and publisher of CFP and is a very dedicated and courageous person that has built CFP into one of the world’s largest websites.   You will enjoy her fiesty articles.

I hope you will enjoy Blanco’s Blog and the Blanco’s Stories, the tales I hope to tell as the years go by.   Be sure to watch for these too.   Just click on the title in the right column “Blanco’s Stories”  I welcome your comments or suggestions.  

Cheers.  Dick


Comment from Tom Cowell
Time February 18, 2010 at 3:12 p02

Great idea Dick. Well done. I had forgotten about blanco, Brasso and the memories of smelly barack rooms suddenly emerged. Am looking forward to more tales. Tom

Comment from Alanna
Time September 8, 2010 at 3:12 p09

Hello Mr. Field,

I hope that this email finds you well. My name is Alanna and I’m the new special features intern at The Mark (

I’m planning a new series that I thought might interest you. I’m asking contributors this week the following question: Who owns Canada? We’re looking for the person – whether politician, business person, thought leader, celebrity, etc. – who you believe wields more influence than anyone else in this country. Is it the person with the most political influence? The most money? Perhaps it’s a media mogul?

If you’re interested, please submit a short piece (300-500 words) or we can schedule a brief video interview by noon on Monday,
September 13th, 2010. I sincerely hope that you can participate in this series. Please let me know.

I look forward to hearing back from you,

Comment from DidiM
Time October 12, 2011 at 3:12 p10

Hello Dick,
I agree with almost everything you have to say , having done a great deal of research and writing about the ‘Quebec’ issue. What surprises me about your take on Quebeck is: You to date have totally disregarded the 2.5 MILLION English speaking population in Quebeck – who have been made – the no rights – no freedoms Canadians forced to endure incredible discrimination – ethnic cleansing in fact, for the last 35 YEARS – without a peep of protest from the rest of Canada. We’re treated like we DON’T EXIST – like we disappeared when the illegal language laws were illegally enacted.
When you speak about Quebec – just separating and be done with it – you are dismissing the MAJORITY of Quebeckers who have twice VOTED to STAY IN CANADA – and NOT by the media hyped, close, close vote. How about taking a LOOK at US – The real Quebec(k)ers who’ve been muzzled, silenced by a colluding politically controlled MEDIA – ALL OUR MEDIA – that pretend we don’t exist!! And results in the rest of Canada – responding as you do – with a screw Quebec attitude. The truth is: WE have been SHUT OUT of the Political Process (Illegal as hell) altogether and the ONLY ones accepted in ALL parties – Federal & Provincial – are the illegal language law fanatics – who obviously want this ‘divide’ to continue – so our collective attention has been and is detracted from the total lunacy they’ve created – that denies all of us our rights! Take a look at my site – and please – remember – when you say Quebec – you speak of politicians who have STOLEN our ability to communicate the TRUTH about what’s going on in Quebeck and what the People are really thinking and what they – we – the majority – REALLY WANT.


Comment from Scott Perreault
Time November 17, 2011 at 3:12 p11

Hi, my Uncle Cpl. Harold A. Kenney died during the liberation of Groningen. I would appreciate all info you could give me regarding this battle

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