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September 2017
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Time for the Hammer

maretel1Charles Martel (c. 688- 22 October 741) was known as King of the Franks and also as The Hammer for his defeating of the Barbarian Muslim invaders whom he drove out of Frankish territories.

Charles did this primarily by deciding that he must first defeat and unite the warring tribes that were still pagan and not yet united under the banner of the Roman Catholic Church. Thus he defeated and allowed many of the local kings to continue in their feudal sinecures provided they swore to convert to Christianity and support him by sending to him their best young warriors.

It was his plan to train a professional army that he would pay a regular salary to in order that they could support their families and not have to return to plant and harvest in spring and fall.

He was a superior strategist and tactician on the battlefield, striking enemy when they least expected it and In 721, when the Emir of Cordoba came from Morocco, Syria and Yemen (sound familiar?) to conquer Aquitaine in the southwest of Gaul and besieged the city of Toulouse. King Odo defeated them but was badly beaten by the Muslims in 732 at a battle that led to the Muslims sacking Bordeaux. Odo came to Charles for help. Charles agreed, provided Odo acknowledged Charles and his house as his overlords. Together Charles and Odo’s forces defeated the Moors (Muslims) at Toulouse. It took many years and numerous battles to finally drive the Muslim forces from Gaul but they were gone by 737.

The Plan: Today in late January 2015 I suggest that all European Leaders and concerned activist leaders form a combined army under the banner of Charles the Hammer Martel and take direct action to eliminate all true followers of Mohammed from Europe and eventually from all western democracies. 

As so often we repeat to ourselves, “Those that cannot learn from the lessons of history are doomed to failure.”

Charles Martel showed the way; – We must begin now!



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