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Justin Trudeau the Misguided Gamble of the Liberal Party

Who are these people who flock to the Liberal Party in the forlorn hope that enough of the Messianic Charisma of Pierre Elliot Trudeau will rub off on Justin the Misguided to sweep them to victory in 2015 AD?

Do they not realize that Pierre was a disaster for Canadian cohesion and a traitor to Canada both in war and in peace? It is enough to make a rational person choke on one’s own bile.

These irrational Justin acolytes even refer to his Daddy as the “Father of Canada.” Sure he was – of a new Canada of unelected Judges who use his infamous Charter of so-called Rights and Freedoms to issue directives as to what they in their insular majesty feel is for the betterment of Canada.

A few years ago Justice Scalia of the United States Supreme Court was debating our Supreme Court Justice Binnie (on CBC TV) who was extolling the virtues of our Living Tree Charter. Judge Scalia bluntly responded to Judge Binnie’s arguments by saying, “if you have a country where laws passed by the majority can be overridden by a minority, then you do not have a democracy.” He also pointed out that it is not a Supreme Court’s responsibility to have their nine or so unelected judges make laws that millions of citizens should decide upon through their elected representatives.

Let’s review who Pierre Elliot Trudeau really was according to his own personal biographers, his trusted friends and professional historians Max and Monique Nemni and described in their book, The Young Trudeau. While doing so please bear in mind that Justin has proclaimed that best leaders of Canada have all come from Quebec. Do they not realize that Pierre was a disaster for Canadian cohesion and a traitor to Canada both in war and in peace?

First; The Nemnis found by examining PET’s private documents that he was so brainwashed by his Roman Catholic elementary, college and university schooling from childhood to age 27 that he never had an original thought in his life.

The fact is that PET saw the world through the eyes of his Jesuit teachers and professors, the closed circle of his scholastic friends, writers and the approved list of books and papers the Roman Catholic establishment permitted good Catholic maturing youths to read.

Second; as the Jesuits encouraged, Pierre was virulently Anti-Semitic. It strikes one as odd since most Montreal Jews were Liberal Party members and backed PET. They still do and are rewarded with an array of government sinecures.

Third; Pierre believed that any form of government was better than a democracy.

He believed the only worthwhile form of government was one led by a strong leader, preferably rich and Roman Catholic and that the masses were genetically programmed to be sheep-like followers. During the war Pierre and his gang prayed the Germans would win. He even supported the Vichy (pro Nazi) government after the fall of France. These are the swine that rounded up thousands of Jewish men, women and children for the Nazis and sent them to be murdered.

Fourth: He conspired with his student associates and other friends in the Montreal political hierarchy to attack Federal government offices (fortunately for them they were not discovered or they would have been rounded up and imprisoned for the duration of the war).

Fifth: He derided rumours of the Holocaust as mere British and Allied propaganda.

Sixth; As a Canadian University student during the war he had to train under the Canadian Officers Training Corps program and as soon as he graduated serve in the Armed forces of Canada (as did all Canadian men of military age in University).

What did that great Canadian “Father of Canada” do? He pulled strings in high places and got himself into Harvard University in the U.S.A. Nice way to dodge the draft eh! No better than the 20,000 or so Zombies (mostly Quebecois) that when conscripted refused to fight overseas. Some leader!

But he paid a personal price. For the first time, at age 26 or 27 with the war still raging in Europe, Russia and the Pacific (1944) our Liberal Party’s hero met other students and professors whose writings and opinions he had admired and was shocked to learn that they considered the Allies were fighting the war on behalf of civilization itself. Did he then leap to the colours and fight for Canada? Hell no! He hated English Canada above all and continued to plot and plan their destruction.

Seventh: When Trudeau and his plotters failed to mature their plot to attack the wartime establishment they began to plan “La Revolution National” to create a new French Canadian country that would rule in all areas that previously were part of New France Quebec, The Maritimes etc. They called it “Laurentie.” Here are its final key mandates:

1.The National Revolution is a permanent struggle which strives for human excellence of the community.
2.The Patrie which will be reborn from Revolution will be Catholic, French and Laurentian.
3.The Nation will express itself in a State that is at the same time authoritarian and the guardian of freedoms.
4.The social and economic constitution will be hieratical familial and corporatist.
7. God Approves. (Note:no 5 and 6 because the Lord rested on the 7th day)? “Dieu a Dit,” in French seemed powerful to Trudeau

How can any Loyal Canadian that cares about fairness and wishes the best for the future of this country even think of being associated in any way with the Trudeau legacy and Justin’s virulent anti-English attitudes and activities?

At this very moment thousands of young and intelligent English – speaking Canadian students are graduating from universities all across Canada. Ninety-five percent of them speak English only. Many would love to serve Canada in various parts of the civil service or leadership in the military. Because of revisions of the Official Languages Act and many rarely mentioned Governors’ Orders in Council they will not get a foot in the door.

These modern duped Liberals need to stand up and challenge Justin the Misguided on that simple fact. On second thought, don’t bother because he has already said he fully supports Quebec’s draconian language laws including Bill 101, the French Language Charter.

Some provinces are busily adopting the same pro-French anti-English employment policies by designating every civil service position Bilingual imperative. Ontario, Canada’s most populous is one of them.

Imagine voting for a Prime Minister who as a well paid MP (Justin the Misguided) who would charge Schools and Charities thousands of dollars just to hear him speak. It is offensive money grabbing. Has he yet paid the money back?

HOT OFF THE PRESS THIS VERY MORNNG, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2013 Aaron Wherry in Macleans Magazine reports as follows FROM CALGARY:

This morning in Calgary, Justin Trudeau addressed the Petroleum Club and spoke about Keystone XL, natural resources and environmental policy and how he thinks the Harper government has failed. (For the full text of Just-in-time’s speech please Google the MacLean’s article).

“What should the government have done? Well, I’ll tell you what I would do:
First, I’d be transparent about what I believe to be the national interest. As I said, that means we need to open markets to our resources, and facilitate the creation of pathways to those markets in responsible, sustainable ways.

I would have joined and contributed to the provincial government, industry, and civil society efforts to build a national energy strategy. Part and parcel of that strategy ought to be a national approach to pipelines and development, within an overall framework that includes a policy that puts a price on carbon pollution…

If we had stronger environmental policy in this country: stronger oversight, tougher penalties, and yes, some sort of means to price carbon pollution, then I believe the Keystone XL pipeline would have been approved already.”

That’s all we need; another National Energy Policy to once again destroy the Alberta economy and Canada’s oil industry. The Carbon Tax plan would open up another unworkable can of worms.

Note: Aaron Wherry covers all the goings-on in and around Parliament Hill. Follow Aaron on Twitter:@aaronwherry

I have said it before and will say it again that “the Liberals as a Natural Governing Party was and is like a can of dying bait worms in the bottom of a leaking sport fisherman’s musty old wooden boat – it stinks to high heaven. Leave it before it sinks, taking all of us and Justin the Misguided with it.”


Comment from He is a carbon copy of his Dad. A dislike for the west but likes what cash we send there.He had the nerve to say “it was time to ;put the east incharge again because Harper and the west was not doing a good job. We can’t allow those big spenders in again.
Time November 3, 2013 at 3:12 p11

Trudeau the second is not fit to be our next Prime Minister when he has such an narrow mind about we people in Western Canada. He had the ignorance to roughly say it is time to put leadership back in the east because the west has done such a poor job in running the country. It is true his Province receives over half the transfer payments from Ottawa and over half the cost of celebrating Canada Day without the people there knowing where the monies come from. Those citizens are unaware what they receive above the R.O.C. Even their University students did not KNOW they only pay 1/2 the tuition fees the R.O.C. pays.
They cost us too much and really we would be pleased to see that Nation go on its own.
Dot Davies-Fuhrman

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Time July 4, 2014 at 3:12 p07

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