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August 2017
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The West will Not Learn – Stay out of Syria – Stay out of Arab Lands

It doesn’t seem to matter that they have had their noses burnt time after time when interfering in the affairs of Muslim lands. It has cost us thousands of American, British, Allied and Canadian casualties trying to stop irrational Islamic societies from cutting each others throats.

When we hear the cowardly Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron and President Barrack Hussein Obama, the openly pro-Muslim Brotherhood supporter or even our own Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his henchmen blather about stepping into the middle of another suicidal Islamic civil war in yet another Arab territory, it is to say the least stupefying.

The object is said to be the saving the innocent civilian men, women and children of Syria from being murdered by their own government forces, especially by poison gas. That does it says Obama, “Poison gas is the red line not to be crossed!” Being burned alive, legs blown off, torn to pieces by shrapnel, suffocated in the ruins of your bombed out apartment is apparently not a cause for intervention, but gassing is?

It is equally tragic to see our western stultified mass media of all opinions spout virtually the same mantra. Their message, “We in the west have the moral right if not a duty to step in with our armed might and stop the slaughter.” They plead that the United Nations must somehow do something, even pontificating that the International Criminal Court step in and charge President Bashar al-Assad of Syria with the crime of mass genocide. Haven’t we heard that sort of thing before? Short damn memories it seems.

Can we not now hear the near future of such an operation being described negatively by the same propagandist leftist media as soon as our imposed horrors of another futile war begin to be reported? Once again they will condemn our own “peacemaking” troops with not treating enemy prisoners in accordance with the Geneva conventions – even while they face the roiling mix of the butchers of Assad and the resentful anger of extremist Islamists, supposedly their new allies, who hate us infidels for just being there in their holy lands.

Then there are the ever present socialists and western apologists that hate seeing any of their entitlement monies spent on defending our very freedoms, let alone trying to help the poor downtrodden masses in far away places. Can’t you just hear them when their unions cannot shake more benefits from a wartime money tree.

Seeking United Nations and other International Approval
Did our emotionally nieve western leaders ever for one moment think about the consequences to our free societies in rushing into foreign lands to deal with inhumanities wherever they occur? The money, the logistics, the masses of troops needed to win most fights makes these ideologies impossible.

Worse, do our leaders or our publics believe that once that authority is passed to an unelected, unrepresentative UN or any other international body, that they themselves will not sacrifice their own county’s integrity and find calls by other aggressive enemies ready to use the UN to invade our countries with their apparatchik minions to “stop” our own misdemeanors? Far too many of our citizens NGO’s seem to think their own governments are worse than foreign dictatorships and now run to these entities when they cannot achieve their own objectives at home.

Islam is the Problem and will be – Until it is destroyed
Prime Minister Assad is a brutal dictator however; he promotes a more secular Alewhite (a branch of Shia) Islamic state and is attempting to hold back the various other murderous Islamic fundamentalist factions fighting his regime.

This current Syrian civil war was not Assad’s doing. It came about as an extension of the euphoria of the so called Arab Spring that swept across the Middle East and North Africa. Millions of hopeful impoverished youth bought into a dream of a peaceful revolution against Islamist rule or any dictatorial rule. They pine for the very western lifestyles, freedoms and opportunities that their leaders cannot or will not provide.

Truly, Tahir Square in Egypt became a beacon of light for much of the new generation of Muslim youth. In reality, there never much hope for that dream to be realized with the Mullahs and Imams breathing down their necks. Islam is a straight jacket binding them with theocratic restraints wherever they go and filling their malleable young heads with the virtues of martyrdom for Islam.

In Egypt, these youthful dreams were defeated by a long ago organized perfidious Islamic organization (The Muslim Brotherhood), whose power was such that it was the only political entity able to organize for a rushed election that it won easily. President elect Morsi turned quickly into a typical Islamic dictator so that the Egyptian Army was forced to intercede jail him and perhaps even rehabilitate the secular former President Mubarak.

The Coptic Christians of Egypt (15,000,000 adherents), the original Egyptians, are now being massacred and their churches and homes destroyed as well as all other religions including even Islamic factions other than the Sunni backed (Morsi’s clan). Even King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is backing the current anti-Morsi revolutionaries and the Army for fear of his own people catching the revolutionary fever. Why are our leaders not planning to save these millions innocent men women and children from extermination? Where are the cries of protest from our mainstream mass leftist useless media?

This cesspool of political-religious mayhem we are being promoted into by our interfering leadership is a deadly losing trap. Even using our less than prepared military might is a tragedy in the making. Notice that neither our media nor our leadership has defined the military objectives of such an invasion. Notice too that no politician or the media or even the Generals has dared mention our “exit strategy.” How long will any of our allied publics tolerate such huge expenditures and especially when the casualties start coming home in body bags and boxes?

We know what happened when we stepped in and replaced Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi, also a somewhat secular Muslim (a class of his own); we got the Islamists in full force. But we stopped the slaughter.

In Syria there is a faction that claims to fight against Assad for a secular state and they are appealing for armed western intervention and funding. How long would they last in a predominately Islamic majority of anti-Assad Islamic groups that we interventionists might put into place?

The World is in the Age of a Resurgent Islam
There is no place in the world where Islam is not a disastrous menace to mankind, especially womankind. The Middle East is symbolic but a reality all the same. Africa is under threat and fast being subjected to the brutal Sharia laws of Islam in country after country. Indonesia is catching fire slowly but surely as Islamic fundamentalists exacerbate religious tensions by murderous attacks on one disapproved sect or another. So goes North and South America and Australia. So goes Europe and even “peaceful” Canada!

Pay Attention to Russia – President Putin is right
Russia has warned the western world to stay out of the current mayhem in Syria and should be listened to because they too know through bitter experience the Islamic evil they must deal with. In our own countries our security agencies have their hands full trying to stop Islamic terrorist incidents from killing our citizens.

This article avoids mentioning many other major complexities and dangers that are contingent to any attempt to interfere on our part in the Middle East. Iran watches like a hawk, ready to strike. Atomic war may become a reality. Israel may suffer direct consequences as a by-product of our lack of attention to and support for Israel because of our insane diversion to Syria. Turkey becomes more Islamic by leaps and bounds. Iraq is in crisis. Dozens of Muslim enclaves in Europe await their chance to fight. The war in Afghanistan and financial support for that country and Pakistan is being demanded. Is this Syrian adventure the unintended beginning of a WWIII – the shot fired at Sarajevo that began WWI?

Take Action – Contact your Government Leaders
Tell them to open their eyes and stop trying to be knights in shining armour riding to save the innocents of the world. Our number one priority should be to stop all Muslim immigration to the west and ship all Islamic would-be- terrorists back to where they came from as soon as they raise their Jihadist heads. (Jihad means war against Infidels, by stealth or violence). Jihad, stealth or otherwise is alive and well in Canada.

It is this writer’s view that fundamentalist Muslims are the New Nazis only more terrible. They have enormous financial resources called OPEC; the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, a cartel created at the Baghdad Conference in September 1960 and for the most part consisting of Middle East, Indonesian and African countries. Our gas tanks support their Jihad against the west.

The Nazis had control of some 60 million Germans and Austrians while the Islamic army counts control of one and a third billion Muslims. The Nazis wanted Lebensraum (living room) through the conquest of Europe and enslavement of Russia. Islam merely wants to conquer the World for Allah and turn it into the Perfect world of Islam, inhabited only by Muslims or their slaves. It’s called a Islamic Caliphate or Kingdom.

Only our Western democratic governments control enough money and power (ours) to defeat this menace. Let us hold our leadership to account. Right now they seem willing to accommodate the Islamists through their blundering assessment of reality or a complete lack of understanding of the fundamental precepts of Islam. Only our schools, a knowledgeable honest hard hitting mass media and you can mobilize our citizens by purveying the truth. Time is running out!


Comment from Roland Seguin
Time August 31, 2013 at 3:12 p08

Location: Langley, BC Canada

Thank you Dick Field.
Struggling to pry these points out of the thickening grey matter, you expressed, organized and clarified my very thoughts, doubts,suspicions and conclusions better than I ever could.

Comment from David Fieldstone
Time August 31, 2013 at 3:12 p08

Good Article Dick. It is ALL about the 2014 mid-terms – not Syria
(which is an enemy of the USA and has been for decades). There
is no other end-game here. Motor-mouth Obama put himself into
a corner some time ago, and now he needs to crawl out. The costs
in local blood, and American treasure, are of no concern to him. He
wants to match Putin as a tough guy (even though Obama is gay).
Ezra Levant of Sun News in Canada, as you know, is with you here.
The American Military is just another election device for Mr. Prez.

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