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ISIS tells Christians in city of Mosul for safety – “Convert to Islam or Die.”

Islamic Insurgents now in Northern Iraq tell remaining Christians who had fled to the city of Mosul for safety – “Convert to Islam or Die.”

 By Dick Field – August 12, 2014

 Just who are these terrible religious fanatics?

They are known as ISIS (the Islamic State of Syria) or ISIL (the Islamic State of Levant) and their objective is to establish a world-wide Caliphate (Kingdom of Islam) and subjugate or destroy all other states.

Recently, their leader Amirul-Mu’minin Abu Bakr Al-Qurashi Al-Baghdadi issued a message to the Mujahidin (warriors for Islam) and the Muslim Ummah (people of Islam) in the month of Ramadan that is a call for all true believers to emigrate to all non-Muslim countries of the world, especially western democracies and when the time comes and their Muslim numbers are sufficient, attack and destroy these evil institutions.    

The intent of this article is to explain what the document actually says because it is vital we understand how dangerous this new enemy will become; and that our security authorities be prepared to deal with these fierce Islamic military supremacists. For this purpose I have numbered these pages so that we can key in on the location of pertinent statements.


This section is entirely devoted to reminding every Muslim of the fundamental tenets of Islam: Every Muslim must remember that all praise belongs to Allah. Muslims are all slaves of Allah. Every Muslim must seek His help and forgiveness for their misdeeds. Allah will never lead us (we Muslims) astray. There is no God but Allah and I testify that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger. If you once believed, fear Allah and do not die except as a Muslim. Allah will forgive your sins. Whoever obeys Allah and His messenger will achieve a great triumph.

The last paragraph on the first page tells the prospective Mujahidin (Islamic warrior) there is no deed more virtuous at any time than to support the religion of Allah through Jihad. Terrify the enemies of Allah and the hereafter will last forever and seek death in places you expect to find it because the worldly life will end and the hereafter life will last forever *


 Having promised everlasting life, Amirul – Mu’Minin Abu Bakr Al-Husayni Al-Qurashi Al-Baghdadi threatens, “Do not call for peace while you are superior and Allah is with you and will never deprive you of your just rewards.“  “Do not be stingy with your lives or wealth in order to please Allah, be a true Mujahidin and bring victory to the religion of Allah!”

To justify waging this merciless war against all non-Muslims, Al-Baghdadi then lists all the terrible torture, killing, rape and pillage being suffered by Muslims in many parts of the world. He says Mosques are being desecrated and Muslim rights seized in China, India, Palestine, Somalia, the Arabian peninsula, the Caucuses, Egypt, Indonesia, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Africa and many other places in the East and in the West. What Baghdadi says is true and in some areas where Muslims create problems and Jihadi violence, they are treated harshly by those countries armies or the justice system. You may recall the Bali hotel bombing in Indonesia where many Australian tourists and other visitors were killed:

For Baghdadi to equate the treatment of peaceful Muslims in western democratic countries with executions, imprisonment and shootings just because they are peaceful and law abiding or perhaps lobbying for Sharia Law privileges is being a blatant liar practicing Taqiyya as encouraged by Mohammed himself ( may peace be upon Him).. 

Finally, Al-Baghdadi tries to shame the Mujahidin into violent activities by claiming that their Muslim brothers all over the World are waiting to be rescued from the evils of the blasphemous West.

Note* Deep in the consciousness of Muslim males regarding Allah’s rewards is the promise of a Paradise after death stocked with 72 Virgins who are always available for sexual pleasure. So when Al-Baghdadi talks about rewards hereafter the listeners automatically know what he is referring to. See Wikipedia:

 PAGE 3.

Baghdadi now promises that we Muslims will take Allah’s revenge on those who perpetrate these harms against the Ummah, no matter how long it takes. He claims the side that started the war is the guilty party and with Allah’s permission the day will come when the Muslim will walk the earth as a master with his head held high and anyone who dares offend him will have his head cut off, non-Muslims always being depicted as the guilty party.

Al-Baghdadi does not hide any of his plans from the world. He tells his followers to let world know that we are living today in a new era. Tell them that the Muslims today have heavy boots and will cause the world to understand the meaning of terrorism. Such boots will destroy the evil idols of nationalism and democracy.  

 PAGE 4.

To the Ummah of Islam he now proclaims that the time has come to break free from the shackles of weakness and face the tyranny of the treacherous rulers, the crusaders, the atheists and guardians of the Jews.

Al-Baghdadi tells the Mujahidin, that the world is divided into two camps, Islam and all else (Kafir or Infidels). There is no third camp! Whoever is shocked and amazed must understand that we Muslims have today made a loud and thundering statement to the World of disbelievers led by the crusaders, their allies and led by America and Russia and the Jews, that we will no longer submit to western terrorism against Muslims and Islam.

What Al-Baghdadi calls western terrorism is the west insulting Islam, and Allah (the Lord of mightiness and making a mockery of the Prophet, Mohammud (peace be upon him). He complains of Muslims being slaughtered in central Africa and nobody weeps for them. Apparently he does not want to talk about the butchery and barbarous actions of Boko Haram in raiding non-Muslim villages and even larger towns and cities burning down churches, taking hundreds of young girls for sale as sex-slaves and shooting or beheading every male in sight or forcing them to fight. See:

Boko Haram is part of the El-Qaeda, ISIS group of extremists striving to turn the world into a religious state of Islam (A Caliphate or Kingdom)

Al-Baghdadi’s ISIS and these other groups are interchangeable just as ISIS now cooperates with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

NEWS FLASH:  ISIS BEHEADS American Journalist and threatens to behead another if Obama does not stop bombing ISIS forces.

 PAGE 5.

Al-Baghdadi brings glad tidings to the Mujahidin:  Raise your heads high for with Allah’s grace today you have a Caliphate where Arab and non-Arab, the white man and the black man, the easterners and westerners are all brothers guarding and defending themselves and sacrificing themselves for Allah under a single flag. Therefore rush O Muslims to your state. Syria or Iraq is not your home, the earth is Allah’s.  He commands you to emigrate (hijrah). If you are afraid to do so the Angles will say you belong in Hell.

Cleverly, Baghdadi now makes a special call to scholars, experts in Islamic jurisprudence, especially the judges and people with military, administrative and service expertise, medical doctors, engineers of all specializations and fields. We call them and remind them to fear Allah for their emigration is a religious obligation (wajib).

Bahgddi then gives these important orders to all emigrants: 

Do not fear the multitude of your enemies – Allah is with you.

Your enemy will not conquer you.

Do not brag of your first victories – be humble.

Expel from your ranks any that openly commit sin.

Do not underestimate your enemy regardless of how much your numbers grow or how much strength you gain.

Know you are guardians of the faith of Islam.

You will face tribulation and fierce battles. The best place for your blood to be spilled is on the path to liberate Muslim prisoners so prepare your arms.  If you hold to these instructions you will conquer Rome and own the world, if Allah wills.

Al-Baghdadi ends with a prayer for victory over the disbelieving people:

“Our Lord, do not impose upon us if we have forgotten or erred. Our Lord, lay not upon us a burden like that which You laid upon those before us. Our Lord, and burden us not with that which we have no ability to bear. And pardon us; and forgive us; and have mercy upon us. You are our protector, so give us victory over the disbelieving people. “    


The construction of Al-Baghdadi’s call to arms is critical to understanding the motivational impact this document will have on those to whom it is directed, being mainly youth who have been indoctrinated in the supremist religion Islam in their madras’s (schools) from the age of five or six. 

These young men look forward to testing themselves on the battlefieldand if necessary dying as martyrs in the cause of destroying all the enemies of Islam and becoming masters of the world or if death is Allah’s will, qualifying for entry to the highly touted eternal sexual garden of Paradise.

Throughout, the Baghdadi’s exhortation the key to Islamic dominance is emigration to the wider world of Islam’s enemies and the build up of Muslim numbers until they are powerful enough to openly attack their host societies. With multiple wives and may children they easily outpace our capacity to produce the same age group that are usually the warriors of any society. 

Note too that he begins to encourage highly trained professionals to emigrate, especially to open democratic countries whose officials are already blinded by the false god of multiculturalism. This is an astute ploy for many reasons, but the fact is that our immigration officials and politicians today focus on recruiting well trained foreign professionals and tradesmen.

My last comment is a warning that we must all prepare for the coming battle, first by halting any further immigration or refugee acceptance of any Muslims to our open vulnerable democratic societies. The United States has been very careless in this regard and Canada is no better.

Take a look around you. Mega Mosques are being constructed in every state of the USA and province of Canada, each being claimed bigger than the last. All funded by overseas Muslim controlled petrodollars.  Understand that Mosques are not Churches; they are command centers for the spread of Islam. 

Many Mosques are known to produce Jihadis who attempt to attack our people and infrastructure or head overseas to fight for the Mujahidin there.  They return well trained in the art of guerilla war. We have many politicians, real estate agents, property lawyers, contractors, newspapers, bankers and others who care only for their own financial advantage. Mosque enablers are in reality nothing but traitors to our countries. 

There are others, ordinary citizens who clearly want to be friendly to our new Muslim neighbours and accommodate their special Shari Law needs such as having a convenient place to pray five times a day, or push for Halal food for their needs in schools prisons, unisex martial arts classes (can’t touch a strange woman. etc.).  Please, understand they are all either misinformed or lying (takiyya) because under their own Sharia Law of Darura in countries with no Sharia law is in effect, they can defer prayers, eat non-Halal food (pork) if there is no other food available or have their hair cut by a female barber.  

For a copy of the original on-line Al-Baghdadi document to compare with my analysis I will give you the URL address however be aware there are virus risks. The document is listed by the courtesy of the Gatestone site,. Alternatively, I will mail you a paper copy.  Just e-mail me your address.

If you find my analysis useful, please circulate it to all your political, media and security contacts and others you may feel should have this information.


The Wound Badge

 It’s cold tonight, being midwinter February, 2014.  I am very tired and the old brain is slowing somewhat; so to change the pace I thought it might be a nice break to tell a kinda humorous story of how I came to own a German Wound badge, given to me by a wounded German Wehrmacht soldier. 

This incident took place in the third week of March 1945 on the drive north though Holland, not long before the end of the War, when I was working as a signaler in the 26th Battery of the 4th Field Regiment, 4th Brigade of the 2nd Canadian division, Royal Canadian Artillery.

As my readers know from my past articles, most of our combat situations involved forests, farms, fields, villages, small towns and often windmills. One of the reasons for this is that the Germans fortified houses (mostly brick) and windmills in particular.  The very thick stone bases of windmills made them excellent miniature castles, almost impervious to shell fire.

They were also used because they had stairways inside leading to the very top portion of the windmill and there were several small window apertures that made excellent lookout spots for directing artillery fire or for enemy snipers. Or as my friend Gunner Spack used to wryly call them, “those GD snippers.”      

Our infantry, The Essex Scottish Regiment of Windsor Ontario, our supporting tanks and artillery had been blasting away at this particular fortified Windmill for some hours when finally a white flag of surrender appeared at one of the windows.  We held our fire. Soon, about thirty or so Germans came jogging out hands in the air, on top of their helmets or behind their necks.  A German officer waving a white flag was in the lead.

As they approached, a few men of the infantry were ordered to go out and bring them in.  I guess the Colonel of the Essex didn’t think there were enough men available because he came over to me and asked me to take my Bren gun and give the guys a hand bringing them in.

So there I was with my Bren gun held at my waist, pointed at the enemy and supported by my shoulder strap, charging towards the Germans now about fifty yards from our farmhouse.  As we came close to them I saw that several were very frightened, fearing I might shoot. Even today, I still recall how uneasy I felt to see such terror in their eyes.  

Just then the Sergeant in charge shouted an order to take them to the pig pens to search them and make sure they carried no weapons. As soon as I turned away and pointed towards the barn, I saw the look of relief on the faces of those who had been so frightened. 

The pig pens were concrete cubicles with walls about four feet high and iron gates across their entrances. We had four or five prisoners in each pen Those who were wounded were immediately looked after by the medical guys.  It took an hour or so to go through the routine of emptying pockets and making sure it was safe to send them back down the line to the prisoner stockades.

I was in the process of looking after a short somewhat older German soldier (40 or so) who was quite cheerful and knew a few words of English.  He was bleeding from a small shrapnel wound in his neck; not yet looked after but he preferred to stand rather than sit on the dirty straw so I told him to lean against the wall for support while we waited.  He held a clean bandage patch against the wound to stop the bleeding.

It was them I noticed his combat ribbons and I knew he had seen plenty of the war, including a year on the Russian front he later told me. However, there was a dark metal badge pinned to his tunic just under his heart that I had not seen before.

The medic then came along and cleaned the surface of the wound with alcohol and cauterized it with a sulfa compound. I could see that there was still a piece of metal fragment in the wound but that would have to wait until he reached a field hospital.

Soon as he was free of the medic, I asked him what the badge was by tapping the badge and saying in my half high school German and English; “Was ist das – badge – Warum haben zie?  (What is that badge, why do you have it)

????????? ???? ?? ???????-?????? (1939).svgHe replied with a smile and said “das ist fur verwundet

Was? Sprecken sie langzam bitte. (What? Speak slowly please, I said).  

“Ist fur verwundet, verwundet!”  Now I realized he was telling me the badge was awarded for being wounded by the enemy.  Hence, the full name is Verwundetenabzeichen – meaning Wound badge.

Well, he began to laugh quietly and I asked him why he was laughing.  So he said to me; “Actually, there are three badges like this that they give out.  The first is Bronze if you are wounded once, the second is Silver for two wounds and the third is Gold for three wounds.”  *

He then touched his wounded neck and burst out laughing saying, “I now have four wounds and guess what; they only gave me this crappy lead badge!”     

We both laughed and I shook his hand and congratulated him. Yet once again I had encountered a brave ordinary German soldier that had a terrific sense of humour and was happy at last to be out of the war.


* Note: The different levels of the badges were given out for different numbers of wounds than my prisoner stated but then neither of us spoke German or English well enough to be able to understand anything too complex.  The actual awarding qualifications are outlined and pictures shown on this website: 


 It does seem strange though, that none of images shown on the website appear on the reverse side of medal he gave me.  In fact my medal has a perfectly smooth back. It is quite heavy and does seem to be made mostly of lead.   









Justin Trudeau the Misguided Gamble of the Liberal Party

Who are these people who flock to the Liberal Party in the forlorn hope that enough of the Messianic Charisma of Pierre Elliot Trudeau will rub off on Justin the Misguided to sweep them to victory in 2015 AD?

Do they not realize that Pierre was a disaster for Canadian cohesion and a traitor to Canada both in war and in peace? It is enough to make a rational person choke on one’s own bile.

These irrational Justin acolytes even refer to his Daddy as the “Father of Canada.” Sure he was – of a new Canada of unelected Judges who use his infamous Charter of so-called Rights and Freedoms to issue directives as to what they in their insular majesty feel is for the betterment of Canada.

A few years ago Justice Scalia of the United States Supreme Court was debating our Supreme Court Justice Binnie (on CBC TV) who was extolling the virtues of our Living Tree Charter. Judge Scalia bluntly responded to Judge Binnie’s arguments by saying, “if you have a country where laws passed by the majority can be overridden by a minority, then you do not have a democracy.” He also pointed out that it is not a Supreme Court’s responsibility to have their nine or so unelected judges make laws that millions of citizens should decide upon through their elected representatives.

Let’s review who Pierre Elliot Trudeau really was according to his own personal biographers, his trusted friends and professional historians Max and Monique Nemni and described in their book, The Young Trudeau. While doing so please bear in mind that Justin has proclaimed that best leaders of Canada have all come from Quebec. Do they not realize that Pierre was a disaster for Canadian cohesion and a traitor to Canada both in war and in peace?

First; The Nemnis found by examining PET’s private documents that he was so brainwashed by his Roman Catholic elementary, college and university schooling from childhood to age 27 that he never had an original thought in his life.

The fact is that PET saw the world through the eyes of his Jesuit teachers and professors, the closed circle of his scholastic friends, writers and the approved list of books and papers the Roman Catholic establishment permitted good Catholic maturing youths to read.

Second; as the Jesuits encouraged, Pierre was virulently Anti-Semitic. It strikes one as odd since most Montreal Jews were Liberal Party members and backed PET. They still do and are rewarded with an array of government sinecures.

Third; Pierre believed that any form of government was better than a democracy.

He believed the only worthwhile form of government was one led by a strong leader, preferably rich and Roman Catholic and that the masses were genetically programmed to be sheep-like followers. During the war Pierre and his gang prayed the Germans would win. He even supported the Vichy (pro Nazi) government after the fall of France. These are the swine that rounded up thousands of Jewish men, women and children for the Nazis and sent them to be murdered.

Fourth: He conspired with his student associates and other friends in the Montreal political hierarchy to attack Federal government offices (fortunately for them they were not discovered or they would have been rounded up and imprisoned for the duration of the war).

Fifth: He derided rumours of the Holocaust as mere British and Allied propaganda.

Sixth; As a Canadian University student during the war he had to train under the Canadian Officers Training Corps program and as soon as he graduated serve in the Armed forces of Canada (as did all Canadian men of military age in University).

What did that great Canadian “Father of Canada” do? He pulled strings in high places and got himself into Harvard University in the U.S.A. Nice way to dodge the draft eh! No better than the 20,000 or so Zombies (mostly Quebecois) that when conscripted refused to fight overseas. Some leader!

But he paid a personal price. For the first time, at age 26 or 27 with the war still raging in Europe, Russia and the Pacific (1944) our Liberal Party’s hero met other students and professors whose writings and opinions he had admired and was shocked to learn that they considered the Allies were fighting the war on behalf of civilization itself. Did he then leap to the colours and fight for Canada? Hell no! He hated English Canada above all and continued to plot and plan their destruction.

Seventh: When Trudeau and his plotters failed to mature their plot to attack the wartime establishment they began to plan “La Revolution National” to create a new French Canadian country that would rule in all areas that previously were part of New France Quebec, The Maritimes etc. They called it “Laurentie.” Here are its final key mandates:

1.The National Revolution is a permanent struggle which strives for human excellence of the community.
2.The Patrie which will be reborn from Revolution will be Catholic, French and Laurentian.
3.The Nation will express itself in a State that is at the same time authoritarian and the guardian of freedoms.
4.The social and economic constitution will be hieratical familial and corporatist.
7. God Approves. (Note:no 5 and 6 because the Lord rested on the 7th day)? “Dieu a Dit,” in French seemed powerful to Trudeau

How can any Loyal Canadian that cares about fairness and wishes the best for the future of this country even think of being associated in any way with the Trudeau legacy and Justin’s virulent anti-English attitudes and activities?

At this very moment thousands of young and intelligent English – speaking Canadian students are graduating from universities all across Canada. Ninety-five percent of them speak English only. Many would love to serve Canada in various parts of the civil service or leadership in the military. Because of revisions of the Official Languages Act and many rarely mentioned Governors’ Orders in Council they will not get a foot in the door.

These modern duped Liberals need to stand up and challenge Justin the Misguided on that simple fact. On second thought, don’t bother because he has already said he fully supports Quebec’s draconian language laws including Bill 101, the French Language Charter.

Some provinces are busily adopting the same pro-French anti-English employment policies by designating every civil service position Bilingual imperative. Ontario, Canada’s most populous is one of them.

Imagine voting for a Prime Minister who as a well paid MP (Justin the Misguided) who would charge Schools and Charities thousands of dollars just to hear him speak. It is offensive money grabbing. Has he yet paid the money back?

HOT OFF THE PRESS THIS VERY MORNNG, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2013 Aaron Wherry in Macleans Magazine reports as follows FROM CALGARY:

This morning in Calgary, Justin Trudeau addressed the Petroleum Club and spoke about Keystone XL, natural resources and environmental policy and how he thinks the Harper government has failed. (For the full text of Just-in-time’s speech please Google the MacLean’s article).

“What should the government have done? Well, I’ll tell you what I would do:
First, I’d be transparent about what I believe to be the national interest. As I said, that means we need to open markets to our resources, and facilitate the creation of pathways to those markets in responsible, sustainable ways.

I would have joined and contributed to the provincial government, industry, and civil society efforts to build a national energy strategy. Part and parcel of that strategy ought to be a national approach to pipelines and development, within an overall framework that includes a policy that puts a price on carbon pollution…

If we had stronger environmental policy in this country: stronger oversight, tougher penalties, and yes, some sort of means to price carbon pollution, then I believe the Keystone XL pipeline would have been approved already.”

That’s all we need; another National Energy Policy to once again destroy the Alberta economy and Canada’s oil industry. The Carbon Tax plan would open up another unworkable can of worms.

Note: Aaron Wherry covers all the goings-on in and around Parliament Hill. Follow Aaron on Twitter:@aaronwherry

I have said it before and will say it again that “the Liberals as a Natural Governing Party was and is like a can of dying bait worms in the bottom of a leaking sport fisherman’s musty old wooden boat – it stinks to high heaven. Leave it before it sinks, taking all of us and Justin the Misguided with it.”

The West will Not Learn – Stay out of Syria – Stay out of Arab Lands

It doesn’t seem to matter that they have had their noses burnt time after time when interfering in the affairs of Muslim lands. It has cost us thousands of American, British, Allied and Canadian casualties trying to stop irrational Islamic societies from cutting each others throats.

When we hear the cowardly Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron and President Barrack Hussein Obama, the openly pro-Muslim Brotherhood supporter or even our own Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his henchmen blather about stepping into the middle of another suicidal Islamic civil war in yet another Arab territory, it is to say the least stupefying.

The object is said to be the saving the innocent civilian men, women and children of Syria from being murdered by their own government forces, especially by poison gas. That does it says Obama, “Poison gas is the red line not to be crossed!” Being burned alive, legs blown off, torn to pieces by shrapnel, suffocated in the ruins of your bombed out apartment is apparently not a cause for intervention, but gassing is?

It is equally tragic to see our western stultified mass media of all opinions spout virtually the same mantra. Their message, “We in the west have the moral right if not a duty to step in with our armed might and stop the slaughter.” They plead that the United Nations must somehow do something, even pontificating that the International Criminal Court step in and charge President Bashar al-Assad of Syria with the crime of mass genocide. Haven’t we heard that sort of thing before? Short damn memories it seems.

Can we not now hear the near future of such an operation being described negatively by the same propagandist leftist media as soon as our imposed horrors of another futile war begin to be reported? Once again they will condemn our own “peacemaking” troops with not treating enemy prisoners in accordance with the Geneva conventions – even while they face the roiling mix of the butchers of Assad and the resentful anger of extremist Islamists, supposedly their new allies, who hate us infidels for just being there in their holy lands.

Then there are the ever present socialists and western apologists that hate seeing any of their entitlement monies spent on defending our very freedoms, let alone trying to help the poor downtrodden masses in far away places. Can’t you just hear them when their unions cannot shake more benefits from a wartime money tree.

Seeking United Nations and other International Approval
Did our emotionally nieve western leaders ever for one moment think about the consequences to our free societies in rushing into foreign lands to deal with inhumanities wherever they occur? The money, the logistics, the masses of troops needed to win most fights makes these ideologies impossible.

Worse, do our leaders or our publics believe that once that authority is passed to an unelected, unrepresentative UN or any other international body, that they themselves will not sacrifice their own county’s integrity and find calls by other aggressive enemies ready to use the UN to invade our countries with their apparatchik minions to “stop” our own misdemeanors? Far too many of our citizens NGO’s seem to think their own governments are worse than foreign dictatorships and now run to these entities when they cannot achieve their own objectives at home.

Islam is the Problem and will be – Until it is destroyed
Prime Minister Assad is a brutal dictator however; he promotes a more secular Alewhite (a branch of Shia) Islamic state and is attempting to hold back the various other murderous Islamic fundamentalist factions fighting his regime.

This current Syrian civil war was not Assad’s doing. It came about as an extension of the euphoria of the so called Arab Spring that swept across the Middle East and North Africa. Millions of hopeful impoverished youth bought into a dream of a peaceful revolution against Islamist rule or any dictatorial rule. They pine for the very western lifestyles, freedoms and opportunities that their leaders cannot or will not provide.

Truly, Tahir Square in Egypt became a beacon of light for much of the new generation of Muslim youth. In reality, there never much hope for that dream to be realized with the Mullahs and Imams breathing down their necks. Islam is a straight jacket binding them with theocratic restraints wherever they go and filling their malleable young heads with the virtues of martyrdom for Islam.

In Egypt, these youthful dreams were defeated by a long ago organized perfidious Islamic organization (The Muslim Brotherhood), whose power was such that it was the only political entity able to organize for a rushed election that it won easily. President elect Morsi turned quickly into a typical Islamic dictator so that the Egyptian Army was forced to intercede jail him and perhaps even rehabilitate the secular former President Mubarak.

The Coptic Christians of Egypt (15,000,000 adherents), the original Egyptians, are now being massacred and their churches and homes destroyed as well as all other religions including even Islamic factions other than the Sunni backed (Morsi’s clan). Even King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is backing the current anti-Morsi revolutionaries and the Army for fear of his own people catching the revolutionary fever. Why are our leaders not planning to save these millions innocent men women and children from extermination? Where are the cries of protest from our mainstream mass leftist useless media?

This cesspool of political-religious mayhem we are being promoted into by our interfering leadership is a deadly losing trap. Even using our less than prepared military might is a tragedy in the making. Notice that neither our media nor our leadership has defined the military objectives of such an invasion. Notice too that no politician or the media or even the Generals has dared mention our “exit strategy.” How long will any of our allied publics tolerate such huge expenditures and especially when the casualties start coming home in body bags and boxes?

We know what happened when we stepped in and replaced Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi, also a somewhat secular Muslim (a class of his own); we got the Islamists in full force. But we stopped the slaughter.

In Syria there is a faction that claims to fight against Assad for a secular state and they are appealing for armed western intervention and funding. How long would they last in a predominately Islamic majority of anti-Assad Islamic groups that we interventionists might put into place?

The World is in the Age of a Resurgent Islam
There is no place in the world where Islam is not a disastrous menace to mankind, especially womankind. The Middle East is symbolic but a reality all the same. Africa is under threat and fast being subjected to the brutal Sharia laws of Islam in country after country. Indonesia is catching fire slowly but surely as Islamic fundamentalists exacerbate religious tensions by murderous attacks on one disapproved sect or another. So goes North and South America and Australia. So goes Europe and even “peaceful” Canada!

Pay Attention to Russia – President Putin is right
Russia has warned the western world to stay out of the current mayhem in Syria and should be listened to because they too know through bitter experience the Islamic evil they must deal with. In our own countries our security agencies have their hands full trying to stop Islamic terrorist incidents from killing our citizens.

This article avoids mentioning many other major complexities and dangers that are contingent to any attempt to interfere on our part in the Middle East. Iran watches like a hawk, ready to strike. Atomic war may become a reality. Israel may suffer direct consequences as a by-product of our lack of attention to and support for Israel because of our insane diversion to Syria. Turkey becomes more Islamic by leaps and bounds. Iraq is in crisis. Dozens of Muslim enclaves in Europe await their chance to fight. The war in Afghanistan and financial support for that country and Pakistan is being demanded. Is this Syrian adventure the unintended beginning of a WWIII – the shot fired at Sarajevo that began WWI?

Take Action – Contact your Government Leaders
Tell them to open their eyes and stop trying to be knights in shining armour riding to save the innocents of the world. Our number one priority should be to stop all Muslim immigration to the west and ship all Islamic would-be- terrorists back to where they came from as soon as they raise their Jihadist heads. (Jihad means war against Infidels, by stealth or violence). Jihad, stealth or otherwise is alive and well in Canada.

It is this writer’s view that fundamentalist Muslims are the New Nazis only more terrible. They have enormous financial resources called OPEC; the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, a cartel created at the Baghdad Conference in September 1960 and for the most part consisting of Middle East, Indonesian and African countries. Our gas tanks support their Jihad against the west.

The Nazis had control of some 60 million Germans and Austrians while the Islamic army counts control of one and a third billion Muslims. The Nazis wanted Lebensraum (living room) through the conquest of Europe and enslavement of Russia. Islam merely wants to conquer the World for Allah and turn it into the Perfect world of Islam, inhabited only by Muslims or their slaves. It’s called a Islamic Caliphate or Kingdom.

Only our Western democratic governments control enough money and power (ours) to defeat this menace. Let us hold our leadership to account. Right now they seem willing to accommodate the Islamists through their blundering assessment of reality or a complete lack of understanding of the fundamental precepts of Islam. Only our schools, a knowledgeable honest hard hitting mass media and you can mobilize our citizens by purveying the truth. Time is running out!